Guitarist/composer George Tampakis and cellist Stavros Parginos form a duo that combines contemporary music and modern European jazz. Their first project entitled "Drops of Time", is characterized by the original/personal approach of the duo and distinctive sound. By incorporating a wide variety of expressive means and musical trends, the Giorgos Tabakis/Stavros Parginos Duo creates its own musical communication "language" with a strong element of improvisation and surprise, producing a complete musical aspect. As a second part of their concerts, the Giorgos Tabakis/Stavros Parginos Duo converts "Drops Of Time" into an audiovisual project, cooperating with Greek photographers Fotis Kazazis and Anna Kypraiou. The result is a very special partnership/presentation, where the duo is accompanied and accompanies more than 300 artistic photos which are projected simultaneously as a work of video art in the form of modules.