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"Guitarist/composer Giorgos Tabakis presents the EP "Sounds & Images", released by AUX. After the cds Inter Mundos (2015) and ViewPoint (2016), Giorgos's interest lies in the coexistence of several guitar soloists with different and personal approach, participating in compositions for guitar duos. Giorgos collaborates with Yiorgos Limakis, Thodoris Kotsifas and George Stavroulakis - 3 of the most innovative guitarists of his generation - and records one piece with each one of them. The outcome is characterized as a high quality guitar album, in which the 4 guitarists are performing with their most expressive way of playing. The recorded tunes ( "Aethereal", "Liquid", "Solid" ) were inspired by the three states of matter which form our world and everything in nature as well as by the legendary recordings of Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie duo, while keeping their own musical identity and expressiveness. From an aesthetic perspective, "Sounds & Images" is a combination of European jazz and creative music, with imaginative themes and solos and while some themes are arranged for 3 and 4 guitars (creating a bigger picture of a guitar ensemble), the main body is a guitar duo project defined by jazz music.

giorgos tabakis second album: ViewPoint Now Available!

"ViewPoint" is the second personal cd by guitarist/composer Giorgos Tabakis after "Inter Mundos" (May 2015), published by the record label Ekfrassis Productions. It contains seven compositions, five of them for solo 7string guitar and two duets with the famous saxophone virtuoso Takis Paterelis. "ViewPoint" includes aspects of Giorgos’s personal perception of today's contemporary guitar, through an extended and deeper quest into the nature of the instrument, its potentials, expressive range and aesthetic perspective. As a result of this procedure, Giorgos Tabakis records a cd which involves the development of a personal style and music language, both as a soloist and as a composer.

giorgos tabakis trio debut album: Inter Mundos Now Available!

Inter mundos is the first outcome of the collaboration of guitarist/composer George Tabakis, bassist Stathis Paraskevopoulos and drummer/percussionist Panagiotis Kokkinis. The aesthetic aspect of the trio - as reflected in the seven compositions of this cd - can be incorporated in the broader European perspective on creative contemporary music, a view in which stylistic limits are too extensive to non-existent. The George Tabakis Trio is exploring the potential of this aesthetic range with the compositions varying from European jazz and world music to contemporary, acoustic fusion and avantguard. The musicians’ skills and the expressive means of the musical instruments used are in perfect harmony with the compositions and the improvisations, which aim to "sing the interior visions with the naive candour of a child." This quote by Claude Debussy played a key role in the creation of this project and inspired George Tabakis to capture in his music his personal sensations constantly alternating, triggered either by internal or sometimes external stimuli, unlike and often conflicting. This particular process has given the musical outcome a personal style regarding sound, composition and diversity of structures, solos and overall artistic aesthetic. The 6 and 7string guitars are in the center of each composition as harmonic/rhythmic basis for the development of the units, the double bass in a more extended than the usual role "stars" in large parts of the pieces while the acoustic diversity of the drums and percussion surround the whole project in a creative and imaginative way.